Our Philosophy

Body BalanceMD helps provide a blueprint for successful weight loss. We promote a philosophy of caring, a positive mental attitude and using a sound medical strategy to help you achieve your goals. Our program will give you the foundation for change, better health and the ability to maintain a healthier new you. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care! At Body BalanceMD, we care about your health, your weight, and your goals. For this reason we created the C.A.R.E. system of weight loss. The C.A.R.E. system applies to all facets of weight loss, whether it is be nutrition, exercise, or lifestyle changes.

At Body BalanceMD we teach you to C.A.R.E. ! This philosophy incorporates all the things you need to get to your weight loss goal. The Body BalanceMD C.A.R.E. system is for people who have tried many different ways to lose their weight, but always seem to end up battling with it again. Most people do not plan to fail, but only fail to follow a good plan. We provide an easy to follow plan/philosophy, which will help bring weight loss success in the present moment and help teach people how to maintain it into the future.

C = Commitment, Consistency, & Compliance

A = Action & Accountability

R = Readiness for Change

E = Exercise & Eating right

Components of our Program:

Menu Plan – We will help you develop a meal plan which is right for you. The Body BalanceMD menu plan is about eating many of the same foods you already eat, but in a more portion specific amount. We promote the philosophy of quality and not quantity. We truly want for our patients to develop a relationship with their food and to be more mindful of what they put into their bodies. We not only educate you on the Do’s of nutrition, but also the Don’ts when it comes to daily eating habits.

Exercise Plan – We support and promote the implementation of a regular exercise plan into your daily weight loss plan. With this one lifestyle habit you can have a positive effect on all other aspects of your life such as stress, sleep, health, and weight loss.

Medication Plan – We view our clinic as a toolbox. We offer a variety of tools to help people lose weight. After an initial and thorough assessment by our medical professional, utilizing the HCG diet plan or FDA approved appetite suppressants and vitamin injections, we offer an individually tailored, medically supervised weight loss program to help shed those unwanted pounds safely and effectively.

Lifestyle Plan – Most people do not set out to gain weight, but rather end up with lifestyle habits which are not conducive to weight loss. Body BalanceMD helps you identify those habits which are not contributing to your goal, and then we help identify the habits that do!

Mental Plan – With a positive mental attitude, anything is possible! Through continued support and motivation, we hope to help keep you in that positive mental state which is all so important in the journey of weight loss.

Plan for SUCCESS with Body BalanceMD!