Nutritional Supplements

Need a quick boost in between meals? Need to supplement that diet with essential nutrients? We offer a variety of healthy, nutritious meal replacement choices, and health supplements.

Meal replacement shakes – More than just a protein shake, these meal replacement diet shakes are packed with essential vitamins and minerals. Originally formulated for health practitioners that required a safe, healthy meal replacement for patients,our diet shakes act as a meal replacement shake or a healthy snack.

Protein Bars – Need a quick boost in between meals? Have a protein bar in any of a variety of flavors like caramel nut, caramel crunch or zesty lemon. Great for those people on the go, have long commutes or just have a lot of work to do and can’t get to the kitchen.

Health Supplements – We carry the latest in herbal alternative diet supplementation, as well as health supplements. By placing the nutrients in the body via oral or injection routes, we can provide the body with many essential nutrients which help balance and optimize its functions. Supplements provide the body with the nutrients it may need, or may not be getting with current eating habits.