Manuel Hipol, PA

Physician Assistant / Owner / Life Coach

Manuel Hipol, is a provider and Founder of BodyBalanceMD. He brings over 20 years of weight loss /exercise/nutrition experience. In addition he has  10 years of aesthetic medicine experience. He has worked with many of the top hormone replacement companies in the country. He received his Bachelor’s of Science in Health Management/Exercise Physiology from Humboldt State University and spent 10 years managing health clubs and providing health, nutrition and exercise programs for his clients. He received his medical education at Stanford University, completing the Primary Care Associates Program. After graduating in 2000, he went on to work at some of the most prestigious universities, and health facilities, such as:  UC Berkeley Health Services, Stanford University Occupational Health and SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory.

Manuel has a wealth of knowledge ranging from nutrition, exercise, weight loss, and aesthetic medicine.  He also has a genuine care and concern for his patients. He enjoys motivating, inspiring and coaching patients to achieve success, and is honored to be part of a person’s weight loss journey. He is also no stranger to dieting and weight loss, as all sports he played growing up had weight limits and he was constantly dieting.  He is an avid surfer, runner, certified personal trainer/exercise aficionado and dog lover.  He thoroughly enjoys spending time and talking to his patients; motivating and helping people obtain their weight loss goals, as well as encouraging and showing patients how to balance out their lifestyles.

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