Balancing Your Lifestyle

We teach weight loss philosophies and principles that a person can use all their life.

During your first visit you will receive a comprehensive medical exam, EKG, labs if necessary, multiple medical metrics, prescription medication and supplements as needed. Our highly trained staff will teach and review your customized plan. We believe successful weight loss and health maintenance is dependent on our philosophy of C.A.R.E.


C = Commitment, Consistency, & Compliance

A = Action and Accountability

R = Ready for Change

E = Exercise and Eating right

We do not use strict menu plans, because each of us are different: we all have different likes and dislikes when it comes to food. The menu plans should be considered outlines on how to eat in a more structured and conscious way. If there is something in the menu plan that is not appealing to your palate, then substitute it with a healthy alternative.

Our exercise plan is nothing strenuous, and we recommend tailoring your activities to your current levels of fitness. We encourage placing a block of time during your day for the exercise plan. Whether it be walking on the beach, around the block, up the stairs at the track or walking the dog. We encourage the movement and appreciation of your body as a whole by letting it do what it does best….move!

When we are ready for change, it makes moving forward and taking action easier. We teach you the specifics and an easy way to achieve each of the benefits listed above. A weight loss plan should not be about restriction, but diligence. It should be about determining what habits are working with your plan, and being consistent with these habits to achieve your desired outcome or weight loss goal.

Plan for SUCCESS with Body BalanceMD!!!